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Total Commander

Total Commander My main tool on Windows
Opens all files (F3), copies (F5), zips / unzips
Changes names of files ( shiftF6) or starts in DOS mode ( shift enter)
Opens (with F4) notepad ( or for me: my html editor for changing files and therefore I do part of the HTML editing from here.) Even ftp-functions! (very easy comparing sites with the ones on the server)

Those who deplore disappearance with Windows 95 of the old Norton Commander, here it is back, a 64bit Windows version for Windows 10 done by:
Christian Ghisler


Skype Internet telephony (and see who is online): for internet telephony
(with Spontania-plugin)

For a relative small fee: Phone with Skype-out to every telephone in the world


See whom of your friends is online and communicate directly.
Not in use anymore, since there is Skype, a pity, it was a nice programm.
(New is ICQ 5 lite)


Or what do you think of Trillian?
It can connect you at the same time to:
ICO, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and IRC (the sounds are better too)

The actual overall internet traffic on this moment:

(Click to see graphs for each continent)

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world.
It then displays a value between zero and 100.
Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

Naviscope , webbrowsing utility
Useful? You can see what is loading, that is the point, (by interposing a proxy: HTTP manual proxy set to, port 81). stop loading individual images, blocking advertisements, blocking cookies, etc is possible.

Shoutcast Find (or configure your own!) radio station (with the shoutcast server)

World Time Zones. CLOX
Nice set of world clocks,

3D flags (pay by a link)

Links to programs

All Screen-shots are made with Printscreen Deluxe

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